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Castell de la Mola

Updated: Mar 3, 2023


If you look at the mountains from under the porch of Casa Porta Verda you will see some decent lads lying in the left direction. The rightmost of that set is where our walk takes place. On the mountain to the left of it you can see the Radar meteorològic de Tivissa-Llaberia.

About 20 minutes away by car is Colldejou, a small charming mountain village, where time adapts to the pace of the inhabitants. It is around twelve when we first have a cup of coffee on the terrace with a view of restaurant Casal de Colldejou. This is also our starting point and with about 19 degrees and a beautiful sun on this December day, we start our route, which runs from the village up the left flank of the mountain.

Up we go

A route with a changing flora where we first pass the vegetable gardens. These are plateaus on the slope that are supplied with the collected rainwater, which reaches all fields by means of gravity and an irrigation system. Beyond that we walk through a piece of forest where this calf biter makes the first claim to our condition. The pace goes down due to the percentage of increase, but that gives you time to look around you at the special vegetation of the roots of the trees through and around the rock. With a sandwich and a bottle of water as provisions, we take a short break after which we continue our path. The path on our route becomes narrower and goes out of the woods into the heath like a kind of goat path. At least that's what it looks like. Because of the height and lack of trees you can look around and enjoy the rugged landscape and the view with mountain tops and valleys. Do this by all means, I'd say! The higher we get, the more barren and rocky it gets and the path is no longer a real path. We follow the trail on the rocks, created by all the dusty shoe soles that have gone before us. The environment looks a bit like a lunar landscape, but then we are almost at the top. But to reach that top we first have to cross a path along a cliff. The path runs along the cliff like an inside bend of the mountain and has a slightly cinematic feel. It is not really pleasant walking because somehow your body still recognizes the danger and we keep slightly cramped on the mountain side. We pass this hurdle on top of the mountain where the dilapidated Castell de la Mola has nestled.

A well-deserved drink

A quick snapshot further we pick up our route. Now walking is no longer possible, but we are dealing with a real descent. It is a rock wall that has crumbled over the years and from which we now have to scramble carefully. Real mountain or hiking boots would not have been out of place here. The descent goes smoothly this way and soon we arrive in a wooded area again. With a little creep through creep we get back to a flatter forest path and we can start the last part of our walk. The fatigue starts to report in our legs and with Colldejou in sight again we hurry back to the restaurant. The restaurant is more like a community center and we arrive exactly at 5 pm when the bar opens again. Although we do not encounter many people on the street in the village, the necessary residents trickle in here, especially old men. Sprinkled with tall tales, a game of cards is played. After a vermut and a coke for 3.60 euros, our day here is over and we head home.

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